Bandall TRC Bantlama Makinesi


    Packaging and Banding SystemsBandall TRC Fully Automatic Packaging Machine

    Bandall TRC Banding Machine Bandall Fully Automatic Bag Packing Machines are a device that provides added value to the inspection processes by being configured in a modular form according to the needs of the customers. These devices are widely used especially in the food and pharmaceutical industry with their ability to be integrated into any line.

    With its Bandall Fully Automatic Bag Packing Machines, Tamsa enables suppliers to present their products safely to the consumers on the shelves.

    Product Features

    • Thanks to the servo motor, the products can be inserted in a stable speed and order.
    • Possibility to position products at 90° angles much more neatly
    • Integration and communication with other systems
    • High performance with patented bandall transmission system in all models
    • Fast bond times (18 to 25 per minute)
    • User friendly and reliable
    • Synchronous marking by mounting different printers
    • Automatic product length measurement system that allows bonding of products of different sizes without delay
    • Easily equipped printers to enable printing of variable product information, barcodes, serial numbers during taping

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