Laser Marking SystemsMobile Handheld Marking Device

    With its handheld portable and ergonomic structure, it allows to realize variable traceability
    information such as production date, expiration date, lot number, logo, serial number, 2D, QR,
    EAN13, barcode and QR code with a low cost, high performance, permanent marking and
    maintenance-free system. With its light weight and multiple functional features, it is suitable for
    excellent marking on workpieces that are difficult to transport. It is one of the smallest and most
    compact rechargeable laser marking machines on the market.

    Technical Specifications

    • 20W Laser Power
    • Multi-line static coding support
    • Special storage box that can be transported to different locations
    • Maintenance-free system
    • Maximum power consumption 100w-600w
    • Air cooled
    • Output length (nm) 1064
    • Operating Voltage 220 V/AC
    • Long-term power stabilization <5%
    • 5 inch 800*480 color LCD touch screen and easy-to-use interface
    • Expiration date, production date, lot number and operator information, picture/logo, barcode, etc. ability to encode variable data such as
    • Ability to create UPCA, UPCE, EAN13,EAN8, INT25, CODE39, CODE128,EAN128, PDF417, DATAMATRIX,QR Codes
    • Battery Life Capacity to work 6-8 hours a day
    • Minimum Marking Area 0.1mm
    • Minimum Character Height is 0.15mm
    • Small and lightweight with portable bionic design
    • Standard 2 large capacity rechargeable batteries
    • USB2.0 U-Disk support, mouse, keyboard input
    • The ability to Deconstruct flexible data, support different data sources and use these data together.
    • Ability to set different transaction limits according to the user’s request.

    Product Video

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