CO2 Laser Marking SystemsMacsa K 1000

    Macsa K SERIES CO2 laser systems have the ability to mark flawlessly and with high quality even on the fastest production lines. With a wide range of products, it makes permanent and high contrast markings on products such as PET, PVC, WOOD, GLASS and PAPER.

    Product Features

    • 10w, 30w, 60w, 80w power options
    • air cooled system
    • Dynamic and static coding capability
    • The system that prevents re-burning the same point and line intersection points with the Macsa
    • patented PRE-SCAN feature
    • Ability to do point and line coding on the same device
    • SPLIT option (outer head for hard-to-reach production lines)
    • IP65 protection factor
    • 60×60mm, 75×75mm, 100×100mm, 150×150mm, 200×200mm and 250x250mm 300×300mm
    • lens options
    • Encoding 1500 characters per second
    • Easy-to-use Marca software via computer
    • Ability to code materials such as pvc, pet, glass, wood

    Product Video

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