Laser Marking Systems

TAMSA provides solutions to its customers for their branding, identification and traceability needs. One of the best solutions to this issue is Macsa. It offers different technologies such as hardware and software, services and spare parts for companies in a wide range of industries such as the food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, automotive or electronics industries.
Film Fiber Laser Marking Systems

Macsa SPA F Film

Macsa Film Laser is the only marking device of its segment with its unique continuous pulse feature. It is an ideal marking system, especially for very thin and sensitive film packaging.

Product Specifications;

High quality marking in film packaging and plastic coated materials such as OPP, BOPP
Dynamic and static marking
Excellent marking even at high speed
Ability to control remotely with Optima software
Ability to use 3D printer head
Ability to work in challenging conditions with IP54
VCS feature (Vibration circumvention System)
 Macsa Film Serisi
CO2 Laser Marking Systems

Macsa K1000

Macsa K SERIES CO2 laser systems are capable of flawless and high-quality marking even on the fastest production lines. It provides permanent, high-contrast marking to products such as PET, PVC, WOOD, GLASS and PAPER with a wide range of products.

Product Specifications;

10w-30w-60w-80w power options
Air-cooled system
Ability to perform dynamic and static coding
Macsa patented system to prevent re-burning of the same point and line intersections with PRE-SCAN feature
The ability to create point and linear encoding on the same device
SPLIT option (external head for hard-to-reach production lines)
Protection factor IP65
Lens size options are 60×60mm, 75×75mm, 100×100mm, 150×150mm, 200×200mm and 250x250mm, 300×300mm
Capability to encode 1500 characters per second
Marca software that can easily used by computer
Has the ability to encode materials such as pvc, pet, glass, wood.
Macsa K 1000
CO2 Laser Marking Systems

Macsa iCON 2

ICON 2 is the next generation product of the ICON family and has taken its performance one step further with its new case, design and software by maintaining the philosophy of "easy, simple, economical".

Product Specifications;

10W-30W power options
Ergonomic design
Marking of many materials such as paper, glass, wood, PET, PVC
Marca Lite® software options for Scan Linux V5.3.8 and later
Touch screen with PC user interface
Easily programmable menu
Control feature using an Ethernet (TCP/IP) cable and the MarcaLite® software security key
10º C (50º F) – 40º C (104º F) ambient temperature, less than 95% humidity
Macsa iCON 2
CO2 Laser Marking Systems

Macsa SPA C

Macsa SPA C carbon dioxide laser systems, one of the most preferred devices by industrial and packaging manufacturers, allow you to mark paper derivatives, glass, wood and various plastics with high performance.

Product Specifications;

• 10W-30W power options
• To be able to work even under difficult conditions with IP 54
• Excellent marking even at high speeds
• Environmentally friendly
• 3D marking feature
• Remote control feature with Optima software
• Dynamic and static marking
• VCS feature (Vibration circumvention System)
• Unique air-cooled system with innovative design
Macsa SPA C
Fiber Laser Marking Systems


It is the new generation fiber marking device of the Macsa family. It is a system that allows marking with high precision in the most demanding conditions and environments thanks to its highly improved industrial design.

Product Specifications;

• 10w-20w-30w-50w power options
• Dynamic and static marking
• Marking of many materials such as metal and plastic derivatives (PVC, PP, PE, etc.)
• Ability to mark variable barcode types such as EAN13, 2D, QR KOD, etc.
• Touch screen that can easily used
• Remote connection option thanks to special optima software
• Industrial designed steel construction case
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