Laser Marking SystemsLaser Cleaning Machine

    Rust, paint, oil and coating etc. it allows laser cleaning process on their surfaces. It offers ergonomic
    solutions with its easy-to-use interface and hand-held apparatus. It has a fast 360° cleaning area and
    has the possibility of flexible and efficient application in various industrial areas.

    Technical Specifications

    • Laser power: 1KW/1.5KW/2KW/3KW
    • Scanning width: 0~30mm
    • Laser type: Continuous / Modulation
    • Power consumption: 5.5~9.5KW(chiller included)
    • Cleaning efficiency: 15~45 ㎡/h
    • Cable length: 7m
    • Laser wavelength: 1064±5nm
    • Voltage: 220V/380V,50/60Hz
    • Environment humidity: ≤70%,no condensation
    • Cooling method: water cooling
    • Cooling water requirements: purified or distilled water
    • Top brand CW laser source,welding gun&controller,water chiller.
    • Fast,360 degree uniform results.
    • Applicable to a wide variety of industrial applications.
    • User friendly handheld strain free operation.
    • Simple and friendly operation interface.
    • No consumables required except lens.

    Product Video

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