HD Coding SystemsZanasi Z 640 PLUS e-JET

    Zanasi Z 640 PLUS e-Jet The ZANASI Z640 PLUS System, designed by TRIDENT, the world's best high-definition (HD) printhead manufacturer, is the only high-resolution marking device in its segment that is Industry 4.0 compatible for automation and can provide a 36-month warranty.

    Product Features

    • Stainless Steel structure AISI 304
    • 600 Dpi Horizontal resolution
    • 192 Dpi Vertical Resolution
    • Multi-point spray, stainless steel nozzle
    • Possibility of marking at 0 and 90 degrees
    • Shock and vibration resistant system
    • Improved cleaning system (Automatic Maintenance Purge Module)
    • Improved ink and printhead heating system
    • 5 and 20 liter ink tanks (optional)
    • Adjustable UV Light power from 10% to 100%
    • Possibility to select one or more UV light groups according to the print head model and type
    • Self-cooled LED Compact design
    • High contrast pigment inks

    Product Video

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