Inkjet Kodlama Sistemleri, Zanasi Z 5000eggs(CIJ) Inkjet Kodlama Makinası


    CIJ Coding SystemsZanasi Z5000 Eggs

    Certified and compatible with the world's giant MOBA egg sorting systems, Zanasi Z5000 Eggs offers reliable and permanent solutions to the needs of egg producers with its low consumption and high performance.

    Product Features

    • Minimum consumption and production cost thanks to the recovery unit (solvent condensation)
    • Permanent high performance thanks to the Cij automatic washing procedure and advanced hydraulic system
    • Wide selection of food-regulated (FDA) inks
    • Up to 5 lines of coding
    • Character height from 0.8mm to 14mm (0.032” – 0.56”)
    • Line speed capacity: 400 m/min 1320 ft/min)
    • 5×4, 5×5, 7×4, 7×5,9×7, 10×8, 15×10, 16×10, 24×16 and 32×18 available fonts
    • Text thickening feature up to 8 times
    • Ability to set automatic date, time, offset and expiry date
    • Ability to encode from a height of 90 mm (3.54”)
    • Message storage feature with alphanumeric texts

    Product Video

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