CIJ ( Small Character )

100% European origin Zanasi small character (CIJ) group, which enables variable data such as production date, expiry date, serial number, batch number to be coded on the product for product tracking in industrial production, is the only one in its segment with its rich product range and extra equipment. are devices.
CIJ Coding Systems

Zanasi Z4500

Zanasi Inkjet Kodlama Makinası Fiyatları
CIJ Coding Systems

Zanasi Z4700

Zanasi Inkjet Kodlama Sistemleri, Kodlama Makinaları
CIJ Coding Systems

Zanasi Z5000

Zanasi Inkjet Kodlama Makinası Sistemleri
CIJ Coding Systems

Zanasi Z5000 Pi

Inkjet Kodlama Makinası, Zanasi Z5000 PI
CIJ Coding Systems

Zanasi Z5000 Eggs

Inkjet Kodlama Sistemleri, Zanasi Z 5000eggs(CIJ) Inkjet Kodlama Makinası
CIJ Coding Systems

Zanasi Z5700

Inkjet Kodlama Makinası Zanasi 5700, Inkjet Kodlama Sistemi
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